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Live Instructor Meetings with Project Review

Instructors and students can connect for live video “office hours” within the platform. Students present their project media for review and discussion. Both parties can control/navigate video playback and scrolling, facilitating seamless collaboration.

Contextual Feedback on Student Work

Instructors, students, and peers can place multiple time-based comments on video lectures, exercises and projects — and easily navigate and preview comments in a video timeline. Threaded replies enable productive conversations.

A Live Syllabus

The Dashboard features broadcast-quality video lectures, project assignments, and scheduled 1:1 video “office hours” with instructors. Easily track student progress, set due dates, and tailor the syllabus to fit your curriculum.

Original Video Production

Smashcut can develop engaging, high-quality video lectures and supplemental content tailored to your online curriculum. Our creative team collaborates with your faculty to conceive, design, and produce exclusive video content to support a wide range of online media programs.

Notifications for Project Activity & Video Meetings

Students and instructors are notified with in-browser, email, and text notifications for upcoming video meetings and completed project feedback.

Supplemental Curriculum

Developed by film educators, Smashcut’s extensive library of high-quality, original video lessons and well-designed project assignments can be leveraged to supplement your curriculum, or used as primary course material.

An Online Film Adjunct Network

We’ve assembled a talented and growing team of industry pros available to staff your programs as they scale. Smashcut Adjuncts are active, working filmmakers eager to help the next generation of filmmakers.
Sandi Sissel
Cinematographer on Oscar nominated Salaam Bombay, Master and Commander, People Under the Stairs, The Wonder Years, and many more
Tim Fleming
Cinematographer on award-winning Once, All Is By My Side, Luther, Citadel, and As If I am Not There.
Bebe Dierken
Worked on Troy, Fall of a City, Humans 2.0, Inglorious Basterds, V for Vendetta, and The Bourne Ultimatum.
Cathal Watters
Cinematographer on Peaky Blinders, Viva, Handsome Devil, and Dominion Creek.
Emily Abt
Director, Producer on Showtime’s Beyond the Opposite Sex, Toe to Toe, Take It From Me, Daddy Don’t Go

Our Board of Advisors

A.O Scott
Film Critic, Author, Educator
Chief Film Critic at The New York Times, Distinguished Professor in the College of Film and The Moving Image at Wesleyan University.
Yance Ford
Director, Producer
Academy Award nominee and winner of the Special Jury Award for Storytelling at the Sundance Film Festival for Strong Island
Geralyn Dreyfous
Executive Producer, Cofounder Impact Partners
Icarus, Born Into Brothels, The Hunting Ground, Invisible War and Miss Representation
P.J. Dillon
Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, Vikings, Strangerland
Kahane Cooperman
Documentary Filmmaker, Producer, Showrunner
Joe’s Violin, The New Yorker Presents, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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